बुधवार, 20 मई 2015

First meeting, Nov 2013

Winter evening @ Select city walk....a mall near by my place in South Delhi....the girl that's me is ready to meet another guy my parents arranged for me (with a probability I will marry him) Usual with India and our parents ...I saw him entering the mall in coat, formal shirt and jeans from one of the sides of that huge entrance plaza of the mall.... Ohhps ...I missed it you must be thinking how I recognized him? Well we saw each others pictures before and chatted over phone a bit to coordinate our "the meeting" at "the mall”. Up till than I never knew I am going to share the next half of my life with him as my "better half" ....I was a difficult one on that context up till than.... More than difficult I was unsure was I be good for any one or not :). We doubt our capabilities sometimes... And marriage thing for Hindustanis’.... Believe me not that easy one!
We met at coffee cum ice cream cafe on ground floor. I could sense little bit of nervousness in him (though don't blame him for this I used to go bit unreachable for first meetings sometimes)when we entered the cafe until we sat down and ordered coffee ....the conversation which is usual for people meeting for arrange marriages started than ....what do you like? What do you don't like? Your expectations? What not!
 Meeting lasted for about half an hour than .I felt the set hopes I had made for my marriage fulfilling ....still was disconnected ....we do behave sometimes like that....for reasons unexplainable...
I said let's leave we have talked enough and let our parents know about our decision after thinking a bit over it.
But that was not the end he said let's eat something at the food court upstairs as I am feeling hungry...probably that was a trick to make the meeting a little longer (at least what I could sense that time) still I agreed. We went upstairs food court full as usual! We ended up with pizza at Italian restaurant near food court there.....again the conversation started about his hometown.....peculiar Lakhimpur (name of his hometown) lifestyle and people there....! His passion for literature and his liking about small unknown hill stations ....far reachable...with each one having small mysterious story to it (that’s how hill stations in our country are). I didn't had anything much more to share here with my restricted mindset of "first meetings". Well this part of knowing each other ended after another hour, we left ...I mean I left for my place by auto, he left for his place by metro. I told my parents about him after reaching home...had nothing much in mind to tell them except he is a simple, sober guy with not much on demand list with him. Couldn't say completely yes by than ...dad said take your time....
His mom called dad after a day of our meeting and told him that he has said “yes” and is OK for marriage if I am also in “yes” with him…but I was not completely by than….
And guess what this take your time thing
took another year almost …actually a little more than that for me!
 In Continuation....

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  1. it actually takes more than a year to understand people like him.. anyways good decision...

    जवाब देंहटाएं
  2. I always say that ladies have sixth sense! Nice bebut post-wish you both very happy days ahead!

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  3. I always say that ladies have sixth sense! Nice bebut post-wish you both very happy days ahead!

    जवाब देंहटाएं
  4. बहुत सुंदर। आगे के किस्सों का इन्तजार है।

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  5. वाह...
    शादी के बाद देवाशु ने खाना बनाना कैसे प्रारम्भ किया उस किस्से का इन्तजार है...

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  6. Awesome tanu... loved it... cant wait for next one.. have a blessed life both of u...

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  7. Thank you everyone....will be posting another one soon!

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