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In Continuation....November 2014 – Winters Again!!!

November 2014 – Winters Again!!!
Alright so the story picks up again from here with same characters me & my better half, you must be wondering what happened in past one year????
Really speaking it has no relevance here because we have left it there and never listened from each other in between but in between had our own “others” to attend to like “our work?”…..trying to work out things here and there in life. Pulling some strings here and there ….it’s difficult to digest but it actually went ahead like that unless one fine day I realized while speaking to my mom that I have been trying to do something like mistaken pursuing at mistaken places !
I mean you know what I mean …it is rare to get people who love you, accept you the way you are, appreciate you and are daring enough to move ahead with you and it took me almost a year to recollect myself that I missed on someone like that so easily.
I again thought of getting connected with him and it happened with me again, without a thought in mind that he might have been settled with someone in life or must have already been married by now , I reconnected & yes like I always believe that I am, I was lucky here as well ;).

December 2014 – Winters Continued!!!
We talked again this time, with no apprehension of what happened in past one year with each other, he clearly asked it has no significance as you are speaking with me on this again and if you are “in yes” with me now we shall move ahead.
It is rare to be lucky twice, and yes I was…lucky here once again.
The good part of meeting again and coming after certain realizations (may be very slow) is that you don’t take your partner for granted or you know your own shortcomings better.
 So like it is said “der aaye durust aaye”.
OK we are getting married!

11th to 26th January 2015 - Chat Mangni Pat byaah!!!
Usually how arrange marriages are??? Very organized with months of preparations …loads of relatives and Dulaah - Dulhan doing separate shopping with their parents & family & how run away love marriages are ….no relatives, Courtroom Signatures with few friends and guess what if you mix the two we had marriage like that.
With all the flavors of one can see in love marriage we had to do a rush court marriage after our wedding got fixed on 11th Jan’15 & our parents were busy taking out an appropriate date for wedding as he had limited holidays away from work.  

after court marriage
Delhi room, tea break while serious wedding discussion
We got I think one of fastest court marriage possible in India …only four hours, on this very cold day of 14th January (People who live in Delhi know that makarsankranti is like one the most cold days in Delhi), with only two of his friends as witnesses, one of my cousin brother & his sister we entered Tees Hazaari court around 11am came out around 3pm as married couples.
It was quite an action-packed day as we got married not once that day but twice, Once in Arya samaaj mandir( built inside the court only to accelerate the court marriage process) and then in court room.

dating time while shopping
tired of shopping 
no more clicking please!...be serious it's shopping time :)

So people who do shopping before getting married …We did it after getting married for our final wedding that was supposed to happen with all band baja & rituals in Bhopal on 26th Jan’2015.

In all we had married each other thrice in span of fifteen days ….dated like love birds that people do (while doing shopping for final marriage together, in all that fun as it is like of runaway couples) in there months long courtships.
We all have some aspirations or images of our partners or married life, believe me or not I got all of them fulfilled with little delay from my side in those thrilled 15 days ….a spicy wedding affair from court room to Lehenga shopping, from Visa application to leaving my Delhi room behind.
As a young girl I always dreamt of typical man playing some music for me…. cooking sometimes for me, understanding some things without saying …..He does all of them effortlessly …So this is the beginning of “Our Love Story” ….and it is still going on.

I am off to make some evening tea and yes he is still playing guitar right behind me in living room …people who know him well the song is …."Aaj unse pahali mulakat hogi”.

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  1. अच्छी पोस्ट। वैवाहिक जीवन की मंगलकामनाएं।

    जवाब देंहटाएं
  2. Beautiful... lucky you both to find each other. stay in love always.

    जवाब देंहटाएं
  3. समझ नहीं आ रहा है ये कमेन्ट किसको संबोधित करते हुये लिखें, अब चूंकि आपसे बात तो हुयी नहीं है हमारी तो पहले सोचा देवांशु को बोलें... फिर सोचे जब लिखा आपने है तो बधाई भी आपको ही मिले.... कुल मिलाकर आप दोनों तो एक ही हुये न....
    कन्फ़्यूजिंग हो गया क्या !!!
    खैर जो भी हो मज़ा आया पढ़ के, शादी में तो हम नहीं आ पाये लेकिन जब आपके शौहर ने बताया कि अब ज़िंदगी 'एक से भले दो' होने वाली है तो मन खुश हो गया था... बात और है कि मैं अब तक देवांशु से भी नहीं मिला....

    लिखते रहिए और उनसे भी कहिए कि आलस-वालस छोड़ें और लिखना शुरू करें....

    जवाब देंहटाएं
  4. kuch kuch samajh mein aagaya mujhe ki aap kehna kise chah rahe hain aur keh kise rahe hain :) , isiliye Devanshu ji tak bhi aap ka sandesh pahuncha diya gaya hai !

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  5. awwwww lovely , jab gurgaon aao to milnaa zaroor ..bas tumhein kah rahein hai :-)

    जवाब देंहटाएं
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